Welcome At The Door

On Sundays, volunteer greeters are available to you at the front door. If you feel comfortable doing so, please let us know that you are visiting or new, so that one of us can orient you to the building, show you to the washrooms and coffee, make you a temporary name tag, and so on—whatever you need to help you feel at home.

Children are Welcome

When children are present there is always someone ready to provide leadership for the children in a children’s area. Children are also welcome to stay in the service. There is always a theme time in the service and a candle is lit for children and youth. Cuddly soft toys are available for children to hold if they wish.

Reconciliation Candle

The candle is lit each week and recognizes the relationship with the Penticton Indian Band and the reconciliation needed in the community of faith and with aboriginal peoples.

Dress is casual

Often there are tables for people to sit at and enjoy their coffee during the service. There are also chairs near the front of the worship space. All are welcome to bring coffee, tea and goodies into the service.

How We Gather in Worship

We do not stand for every hymn but those who choose to will move to the side so as not to affect visibility for those who remain seated. People will sit in chairs around the Communion Table and lectern stand and or sit at tables. Either is appropriate.

Offering comes after prayers of the people in the service. Some use PAR (pre-authorized remittance) and others use envelopes and others just place money in the plate. Those with PAR and envelopes receive a tax receipt.

There is no bulletin. The service is all provided through power point with three screens available for viewing.

At the end of the service the gathered worshipers stand or sit in a circle and sing the benediction which is projected.

Communion, sharing of bread and grape juice is held the first Sunday of the month and it is by intinction. (gluten free bread is dipped into the grape juice)

Worship Time

Coffee at (9:30 AM, please bring coffee, tea, juice, sweet with you into service if you like, Service begins at 10 AM, notified by a bell ring around the building, coffee, tea following worship)