Much springs forth from within the congregation! We post a sampling of our events on Facebook, and most of them in our weekly e-newsletter as provided upon request from our office. Whichever your preferred method of staying in touch, please join or ‘subscribe to’ either of the above.

A Passion Cluster is a group working together to achieve a common goal that impacts our church life, our surrounding community, or the world. Members of the congregation may volunteer to initiate and lead groups at Oasis. Passion Clusters meet as needed, to provide a service on an open time line. Clusters encourage people to join together in the work of compassion, education, worship preparation, spiritual growth, hospitality, communication, friendship and enjoyment.

Look for a group where you might offer your gifts and talents to fulfill a personal passion. At the end of each description, a team’s contact name is provided. If no phone number or email is provided, please request this from Oasis’ office. Most groups are ready for new participants!