Much springs forth from within the congregation! We post a sampling of our events on Facebook, and most of them in our weekly e-newsletter as provided upon request from our office. Whichever your preferred method of staying in touch, please join or ‘subscribe to’ either of the above.

Keen on participating? Welcome!

A Passion Cluster is a group working together to achieve a common goal that impacts our church life, our surrounding community, or the world. Members of the congregation may volunteer to initiate and lead groups at Oasis. Passion Clusters meet as needed, to provide a service on an open time line. Clusters encourage people to join together in the work of compassion, education, worship preparation, spiritual growth, hospitality, communication, friendship and enjoyment.

Look for a group where you might offer your gifts and talents to fulfill a personal passion. At the end of each blurb below, a team’s contact name is provided. If no phone number or email is provided, please request this from Oasis’ office. Most groups are ready for new participants!

Groups as of April 2017

Affirming Ministry Passion Cluster: Providing educational opportunities for the Oasis United Church community as we live out being an Affirming Ministry congregation. Working for the full inclusion of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in The United Church of Canada and in society. Team Lead: Barb McFadyen-Smuin 250-493-5530.

Benevolent Fund and Food Cupboard Passion Cluster: Supplies food items and helpful information to those who require it in this time of low employment and economic need. We are always looking for more replenishments. Congregational members share their abundance and offer compassionate help as they are able.  Non-perishables along with financial donations are always welcome. Team Lead: Doreen.

Bridges Passion Cluster: Helps us stay in touch. Each participant takes responsibility for a number of people who attend Oasis, especially those who are unable to be as involved as they would like. In this way, regular contact is made on behalf of the rest of the congregation. We say hello and offer a friendly ear. Having completed a training period, participants will let our minister know if his help is needed in any way. Meetings are held regularly to keep lists up to date and for spiritual nurture of the members. Team Lead: Ken Jones 250-770-0182.

Building Maintenance Passion Cluster: Maintaining, repairing, and landscaping the Oasis property and building, keeping it safe and welcoming for all who enter the doors. The bulk of the work was done when we first moved into the facility in 2009, and converted the neglected space into a warm and inviting area for a worship and meeting site. Our dedicated women and men who take on the jobs of upkeep are always happy to include new faces and a willing set of hands to tackle the many jobs that arise. Team Lead: Jim French 250-492-5692; Phil Cove 250-276-7341.

Card and Note Sending Passion Cluster:  Keeps in touch with Oasis people who need a little note to let them know that Oasis cares for them and is wishing them well. Offers congratulatory wishes, condolences, as well as well wishes. If you know of anyone needing to hear from the Oasis community, please contact us. Team Lead: Brenda Kroschinsky 250-493-2832 or

Centering Prayer Passion Cluster: Gathers at Oasis most Mondays at 1pm. The hour begins with a check-in, and the opportunity to read, say, or think names of people and groups who may need support. The group then sits for twenty minutes in silence, holding the intent of relationship with God. Following the meditation is an opportunity to reflect and to encourage one another. As this group occasionally takes a break of one or two weeks, please check with the office regarding any date you are interested in attending. Team Lead: Ken Jones 250-770-0182.

Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation Passion Cluster: Ironically, this may be our only activity that doesn’t involve singing! It’s the bowls that do that 🙂 Weekly, the healing bowls are played for anyone who wishes to experience them. Team Lead: Ken Jones 250-770-0182.

Harm Reduction Passion Cluster: Weekly, harm reduction kits are assembled at Oasis. They are provided to workers who distribute them throughout the community. Chat with friends while simply gathering a number of each supply into a bag. Team Lead: Wilma and Barb B. 

Healing Ministry Passion Cluster: An opportunity to experience healing from the heart. A number of Oasis folks are trained and experienced in Healing Pathways, Reiki, and other energetic healing modalities. Healing appointments available at times and on days that are mutually agreeable, at the church or in your home. Team Lead: Please contact the Oasis office.

Library Passion Cluster: Organizes and replenishes Oasis’ lending library. Team Lead: Karen Kellerman.

Living Compassion Passion Cluster: Monthly, this group explores how to bring compassion into our day-to-day lives. Team Lead: Nancy Wyse; Karen Coogan.

Trustees Passion Cluster: Holds all property on behalf of the congregation and ensures there is a suitable place to worship and carry out the ministry of Oasis. Team Lead: Jack Balfour.

Leadership Team Passion Cluster: Made up of elected members of the congregation, this group holds monthly meetings to look at decisions and direction for Oasis, and regularly inform the congregation of matters arising from the meetings. At Oasis we aim to include the congregation in the leadership of our church, and encourage everyone to follow their passion as the Spirit leads them in their lives and in the life of the church. Team Lead: Ken Jones (interim).

Men’s Group Passion Cluster: Meets informally on the second Wednesday of each month at 8am for a no-host breakfast at local restaurants. No agenda, just fellowship! Team Lead: Phil Cove 250-276-7341.

Oasis Reads Passion Cluster: Taking one section at a time, and following guidelines for respectful discussion and confidentiality, participants share their personal responses to a text, becoming aware of the relevance in their own lives. The current study is of Grounded by Diana Butler Bass. One group is currently meeting one Monday afternoon per month; another meets one Tuesday evening per month. With any questions or to express interest, please do connect! Team Lead: Karen Kellerman

Office Passion Cluster: This cluster covers office hours on Mondays and Fridays, and whenever else needed. These folks provide a welcoming presence in the church. Team Lead: Sheilah.

PowerPoint Passion Cluster: Provides PowerPoint presentations for our Sunday Gatherings, special occasions, and meditative moments. Team Lead: Annabelle Redman 250-492-6662.

Prayer Shawls Passion Cluster: Countless knitters and crocheters extend a message of hope around the community and around the world. Those creating the shawls and those receiving them find spiritual sustenance. Patterns and lessons are available for anyone who would like to be part of this creative spiritual practice. Team Lead: Doreen.

Scrapbooking Passion Cluster: Meets the third Friday of every month. Keeps a record of our congregation with photos, news articles, and other documents. Team Lead: Barbara Jensen 778-476-0424.

SoulCollage Passion Cluster: Facilitating collage as a portal to the holy. The group begins with a time of silent work, allowing images from magazines to be all that speaks to us. These are intuitively assembled on a 5×8 piece of mat board. Discussion follows, using questions which allow the collage to speak from the soul of the person whose hands arranged it. Team Lead: Karen Coogan 250-770-0182.

Sunday Service Leaders and Volunteers’ Passion Cluster: “It takes a congregation to make a worship service.” If you are willing to sometimes help out as greeter, announcement presenter, candle lighter, scripture reader, offerings gatherer, Mission and Service presenter, passion cluster reporter, coffee maker, or pulpit supply, please reach out. Team Lead: Annabelle Redman 250-492-6662.

Ukulele Passion Cluster: Meeting to learn, strum, play! Team Lead: Ken Jones.

Zatoun Passion Cluster: Oasis United is the Penticton Distributor for Zatoun products. With every purchase of Zatoun you support the farmers of Palestine in the struggle for their livelihood and land. Farmers are paid fair trade prices. As well, a share of the proceeds support Project Hope, an education and art therapy program for youth in Palestine. Another portion is donated to Trees of Life, a project to plant tens of thousands of olive tree saplings to replace trees destroyed by the occupation. Details here. Team Lead: Barb McFadyen-Smuin 250-493-5530.