Ken Jones
Ken Jones

Ken has been on an intentional Spiritual Journey for over 20 years. His main theme is that the more we know about other’s cultures, traditions and beliefs the more we will know about ourselves and respect others for who they are.

Ken grew up in the United Church and after a brief flirtation with Fisheries Biology, decided to seek the life of a Minister. Ministry in the United Church has given him the opportunity and permission to seek widely in the world including Centering Prayer, Healing Touch, Healing Pathways, Reiki, Music for Healing and Transition, Yoga of Sound and Voice, Laughter Yoga, Hatha Yoga. He has also Spent time in the Teize monastery, Findhorn Spiritual Education Centre, Yasodera, and Sivananda Yoga Ashrams.

Life can be hard even in this first world where we have more than everything we need. Guilt and shame for any reason will shape us and unless we can see how they influence our actions they can lead to unhelpful and unhealthy reactions and consequences. For this and other reasons Ken believes it is our life’s calling to heal ourselves – mind, body, and Soul. As we do we are better able to respond to events within our lives, both locally and globally.

A holistic approach to life would include a healthy diet, exercise and Spiritual discipline. In fact Ken believes, like the Celtic Christians and many other indigenous peoples that Spirit is in everything Yes Everything!  Every moment of every day is spent in mindful honouring of that Spirit and is Life itself.




Sheilah is the public face of Oasis United in that people encounter her first. Those who phone, email, or walk in to the office meet a friendly, accepting presence.  She has a wealth of information about spiritual and community services to aid the enquirer.

Sheilah keeps the church’s activities flowing seamlessly with her competence in maintaining the office.  Her production of the weekly bulletin shows her enthusiasm in keeping the Oasis family well informed.
All who come her way are helped in their requests or are referred onwards appropriately.  It is readily apparent that she sincerely cares for and enjoys people, often gracing her encounters with warm humour.


Sheilah’s office and people skills come from many years of business management. She delights in being able to apply these skills in her position at Oasis United. Sheilah held a position for two years with the national organization, Affirm United.


Sheilah’s lifelong passion is music, beginning with trumpet lessons as a child, moving on to the Truro Community Band in her native Nova Scotia. Her trumpet talent is evident in local community bands. Twenty years ago saw her passion extend to the guitar. Sheilah volunteers guitar accompaniment with Sandy during hymns as well as soft background when requested by the worship leader for meditation, or during prayers.
Sheilah is does contract music therapy with private care facilities, bringing her love of music and people together in this one endeavor.
Her children and grandchildren are a source of great pleasure and gratitude. Sheilah also derives pleasure from nature activities, among which are walking, and cycling. And being best buddies with her cat, Misty. As Office Administrator and as a member of Oasis, Sheilah’s passion is her caring connection with the people of Oasis United



Sandy Andres

A wonderful talent adding to our musical expression.