Description & History

The late Fred Ritchie’s booklet: “Climate Change-A World Wide Concern” , and his personal passion for this topic were “seeds” that were planted and subsequently took root in the minds of several members at Oasis U.C.  The outcome of their concerns gave rise to the birth of “The Green Group” in late 2016.  We are now known as the Green-up Group, – and we meet irregularly as concerns, local events or congregational opportunities arise.

Besides Fred Ritchie’s passion impetus for our formation, – we were also motivated by contacts with “First Things First” – a Penticton group who seek to address and act upon the impact/problems/challenges/responses to global climate change.

Following their lead we seek to “Think Globally — Act Locally”.  Under the cloud of global warming, – we encourage every family/congregation/community to engage in “green activities” — composting, community gardens, reducing use of disposable plastics, and engaging in opportunities to co-operate with any community events which are in step with and encourage our “umbrella” – Think Globally – Act Locally. Team Lead: Rev. Mark Bedford

Current Activities

Film: Flin Flam Film showing at Oasis UC on Sept. 28 see information under upcoming events.

Petition:  To end use of plastic bags and straws in Penticton

Reusable Bags: Oasis Green Up group sells reusable, stretchy, lightweight produce bags to reduce our dependence on plastic. Available at Oasis: 3 for $10. Various sizes and shapes.